WearPanda is just one of many proud fashion companies that donate to nonprofit organizations

Changing The Way You See The World

Small Seeds Have A Big Impact

Panda Sunglasses delivers an ecologically sustainable product line with a contemporary aesthetic to a new generation of globally-conscious consumers. We aspire to synthesize modern fashion designs with intentional sourcing and thoughtful manufacturing practices. The concept of "fashion with a purpose" was a cornerstone of our founding philosophy, and it remains central to the work we do today.

Cool companies like WearPanda care about their environmental impact

We know that our company will only ever be as strong as the roots we cultivate within our community. We've had our ear to the ground ever since our launch product's initial crowdfunding success on Kickstarter in 2012, and we've worked tirelessly along the way to ensure we remain in sync with the values of the folks who gave us our start.

Every time you spend money, you're casting a vote for the kind of world you want.

Anna Lappé

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.


Open Your Eyes, The World Is Waiting

Countless individuals have contributed their creative energy, sustainable know-how, and fashion expertise to our growth and expansion. In 2016, new ownership relocated our headquarters from Washington D.C. to Washington State. The majestic nature and eco-friendly culture of the Pacific Northwest is the perfect environment to further cultivate the next phase of Panda's evolution.

Leigh and Kali, both outdoor enthusiasts cursed with inferior eyesight, have brought a deep passion for travel and natural exploration to Panda Sunglasses along with a newly revitalized entrepreneurial driving force. This transition has injected Panda's culture with a healthy dose of wanderlust paired with renewed vigor for ecologically conscious consumerism.

Our vision is global, but we focus on local communities through our Gift of Vision and Gift of Education initiatives. Our mission is to connect the dots between intention and impact; from the farmers that harvest our sustainable Mosu Bamboo all the way to the growing network of Panda affiliates scanning new horizons through our lenses.

WearPanda is a fashion company that donates to help people see

Beyond sunglasses, our lightweight and durable bamboo watches are stunning in both their style and functionality. The hand-crafted nature of our products resonate visually and ethically, whether you're backpacking roads in strange lands or embarking on adventures closer to home.

Put on a pair of Panda Sunglasses, and expand your vision of the world.

Look Good. Do Good. Wear Panda.

The Panda Team

The WearPanda Team in Paris


Leigh is a passionate advocate for conscious consumerism and loves to hear from people who resonate with the Panda mission. Feel free to share your story at leigh@wearpanda.com.

Favorite Frames: Wesli in Black

Tech Guru

Kali (being a web developer) is a little less chatty, but you can still reach him at kali@wearpanda.com. While he loves exploring the great outdoors, nothing makes him happier than delving into code to increase process efficiency.

Favorite Frames: Monroe in Black/Red (Special Edition)