What are the lenses made from?
Recycled polycarbonates.
Are the lenses polarized? Do they provide UV/UVA protection?
Yes! Our lenses are polarized at filter level 3 (or "very dark tint"). This is the dark end of the general purpose category and is suitable for bright sun, as well as reflected light from snow or water.
Will you give me a discount if a place a bulk order for my wedding party/group event?
Probably! :) We're suckers for a good love story. Send us an email and let us know what you're looking for (styles, group size, etc) and we'll do our best to help with your special day.
How much do they weigh?
Panda Originals weigh about .8oz on average, the Ultralights are less. The weight of the frame will vary with the frame style.
Can you do prescription lenses?
Yes, select Panda styles are prescription ready and can be purchased by themselves or with prescription lenses. You can check out our prescription sunglasses collection or email prescription@wearpanda.com for more information.
What if the style I want is out of stock?
Don't despair! We run out sometimes, it happens. We'll probably have your favorite style back pretty soon. In the meantime, you can always email email zookeeper@wearpanda.com with any questions or send us a message on social media.
Whats the difference between Ultralight and Original?
Mostly the weight. Panda Originals are going to be a little bit heavier with slightly wider frames. They weigh about .8oz and will float in water! Panda Ultralights frames are about half the width of the Originals and weigh in at roughly .6oz. All purchases from either collection give the Gift of Vision to someone in need.
I'm not sure what style is best for me. Can you help?
Happy to! Just email perfectfit@wearpanda.com.
I'm an influencer – can I work with you?
Maybe? Send us an application here. Please note that in the interest of posting only authentic reviews we have a strict policy against paying for any social media postings.
I'm interested in being a Panda retailer/distributor/affiliate – how do I find out more?
We have a page just for you! Are you a:
Can you tell me more about the Gift of Vision and the Gift of Education?
Happily! We've got a page for each of those. Each purchase of a Bamboo Watch provides the Gift of Education, while our Bamboo Sunglasses all provide the Gift of Vision.
I have a small crack in my frames, can they be fixed?
Absolutely! One of our favorite things about wood is the beauty and durability of wood grain. Most small cracks can be easily fixed with a small bit of wood glue, and will be completely unnoticeable once the glue has dried. Of course, if you'd rather a replacement, please reach out to zookeeper@wearpanda.com with a warranty request.
How should I clean my glasses?
You can buff out any smudges with a microfiber cleaning cloth. If your glasses didn't come with one, just let Zookeeper know and we'll send you one free of charge!
Still have questions?
Get in touch!