Gift Of Vision

Every pair sold provides the gift of vision to someone in need

WearPanda provides the Gift of Vision
Optometry Giving Sight

Our primary partner is Optometry Giving Sight, a non-profit that trains low-income men and women and provides assistance to communities in need. We're kindred spirits, and together we've worked to train, offer exams, and offer glasses to many 1,000's of people all around the world.

The story starts with you

You purchase a pair of Panda sunglasses.
We count the number of pairs sold and donate monthly to our nonprofit partner, covering the cost of that same amount of prescription glasses and medical eye exams.
The donation we make also helps cover the cost of building optometry schools and training men and women to become optometrists.
Pay it Forward
The funds also help train local eye care professionals and develop infrastructure such as vision centers to ensure a long-term solution.
Open Doors
Good vision enables children to learn, adults to work and the elderly to maintain their independence.

With your help, we've donated thousands of glasses to people in need.

Making a Difference

Over 702 million people are still living without access to eyewear. There's a lot of work to do, but our mission is set and we're excited to make progress together.

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