Gift of Education

Pencils of Promise

Building schools and changing lives, one watch at a time.

For every Panda Bamboo Watch purchased, Panda helps Pencils of Promise provide educational opportunities for children in need. PoP creates schools, programs and global communities around the common goal of education for all.

The Gift of Education

We believe education is a fundamental necessity for all people. Millions of children around the world lack the basic access to schools, creating a perpetual cycle of poverty and stagnant economic growth. When you purchase a Panda Watch, we make a donation to Pencils of Promise, a revolutionary organization that brings education and change to small villages all over the world.

250 million children of primary school age still lack basic reading, writing and math skills. Pencils of Promise students score 3x higher on language literacy tests than their peers and 90% of teachers report increases in student engagement due to PoP programs. They create schools, programs, and global communities around the common goal of education for all.

About Pencils of Promise

Pencils of Promise brings life-changing education to children around the world by building quality schools and sustainable education programs. Their organization not only builds schools, but also provides teacher support, student scholarships, and water and health programs, all of which lead to positive results and innovations for communities around the world.

Pencils of Promise began in October 2008, and it all started with a single question. Founder Adam Braun was backpacking across the globe when he asked a small boy begging on the streets of India one simple question: "What do you want most in the world?"

"A pencil," he replied.

Adam Braun proceeded to travel to more than fifty additional countries, handing out thousands of pens and pencils across six continents. These pencils, these small pieces of potential, led to powerful conversations with local parents and children across countless cultures and languages. From years of listening to their words, it became clear that there was a need for an international nonprofit that was led on-the-ground by a staff of locals from within each country, required village participation in each school, and deeply supported, trained, and tracked each student to ensure their success. These are the guidelines on which PoP was founded.

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